Matt Hall
wind and marine renewable energy

NEW LAB WEBSITE in the works.

GRADUATE STUDENT OPENINGS: Multiple MSc and PhD openings for funded projects in energy systems and wind/marine renewable energy research.

New paper: Validation of a hybrid modeling approach to floating wind turbine basin testing with Andrew Goupee in Wind Energy.

New paper: Initial Perspective on a 100% Renewable Electricity Supply for Prince Edward Island with Andrew Swingler in IJES.


Matt Hall UPEI

I’m an assistant professor in the UPEI School of Sustainable Design Engineering. My research focus is at the intersection of mechanical engineering and energy sustainability. My graduate work was in design, modelling, and testing of floating offshore wind turbines. Ongoing research interests range from wind turbine, floating platform, and mooring modelling to design optimization and local renewable energy integration.


Fall 2017:

  • ENGN 1210 Engineering Communications – the first-semester project-based engineering design course, with a focus on communication.
  • ENGN 4410 Macro Energy Systems – a course on energy at the system level – developing a techno-economic understanding of energy sources, services, and everything in between.

Winter 2018:

  • ENGN 3450 Wind and Water Power – a crash course on wind- and water-based renewable energy technologies including hydro, tidal, wind, and wave power.


  • ENGN 121 Engineering Communications
  • ENGN 347 Renewable Energy Power Systems
  • ENGN 385 Engineering Applications of Numerical Methods

Research Activities

Current research topics center or two areas: wind and marine renewable energy, and energy systems. The former involves improving techniques for designing, modelling, and testing renewable energy devices. The latter is about simulating different scenarios of energy flows from supply to demand to find ways of reducing emissions at the system level. You can see more at the research page.

At UPEI, my research group is beginning to form. We are building capacity in terms of research assistants, in-house analysis tools, and laboratory testing equipment.

Some highlights of current activities include

I am also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center.